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Calmel Drafting & Designs - Who we are

CalMel Designs is an integrated design firm that works with a team of architects, engineers, contractors (Builders), and property owners to help better the development of its clients. CalMel has been serving Southern California since 2009, providing service for residential/high-end, commercial, industrial, & food services. Our knowledge in advance programing provides us with a descriptive design in our remodeling and expansion projects. Our expertise services have provided us with regular clients and new business obtained through client referrals, which goes to show the excellent services we provide.

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Company Promise - Our goal

Our main goal for drafting & design services consists of providing as-built documentation for existing and new property, and assuring accuracy and acceptance by the Los Angeles California Planning and Building Agencies, as well as our variety of clients. We take field measurements for residential houses, apartments, and commercial buildings. We present quick and accurate measuring services. We measure buildings of any kind with a high level of accuracy very close tolerance levels.

As a pioneer and innovator in this growing industry, CalMel has earned a reputation in providing good fast quality work. Its relationship with consultants, contractors, and property owners has grown through the years. No project is too small for us.

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