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CalMel provides drafting & designs for both new and existing projects, including “As-built Drawings”. CalMel uses advanced programming to provide descriptive drafting/designs in our remodeling and expansion projects to help assist both our client and consultants. We take measurements of residential houses, apartments, and any kind of commercial buildings. We present quick and accurate measuring services. We measure buildings of any kind with a high level of accuracy very close tolerance levels. CalMel has 10 years of experience in drafting, and field measuring providing excellent services.

property measuring
Property Measuring

Field measuring for existing structures as well as new construction to be developed.

shop drawing
Shop Drawings

CalMel also provides construction shop drawings for all types of custom work such as; Rebar, Architectural Concrete, Steel, & Landscape Layout for project submitting.

3D rendered
3D Rendering

CalMel also provides 3D rendering for all types of projects. By providing 3D rendering to a floor plan you can take our clients ideas and our creativity and merge them for the final result, a stunning image that will ensure the success of your project. The realism in our 3D renderings has contributed to our growth with both new and existing projects.

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